Professional & Continuing Studies

Changes to Academic Records (CURC)

Requesting Retroactive Changes to Academic Records (CURC)

The Committee on Undergraduate Records and Certification (CURC) is a University of Delaware committee of administrators and faculty representatives from the undergraduate colleges. CURC meets monthly (except during August) to review student requests for retroactive changes to their academic records due to documented extenuating circumstances.

Continuing Education students who wish to petition CURC should write a dated and signed letter to:

ATTN: Michelle Parnell (CURC)
University of Delaware
Professional & Continuing Studies ACCESS Center
501 South College Ave.
Newark, DE 19716

Please include the following information in the letter:

  1. Contact Information—Name, student ID number, address, telephone number(s), and e-mail address.
  2. The action you would like CURC to consider on your behalf— retroactive withdrawal, retroactive addition, change of grade status (pass/fail, standard grading, audit, etc.). Please include the semester/session(s) for which you are requesting this action, as well as course names and numbers.
  3. The reason you are requesting the action—Please give as much detail as possible to provide a timeline of events and an understanding of the extenuating circumstances and their academic impact during the time period in question. Explain enough of the circumstances to justify why the request should be honored.
  4. In addition to the student letter, thorough documentation of extenuating circumstances must be provided in the form of an original letter (on official letterhead) from a professional (such as a physician, psychologist, etc.) who is in the position to verify the situation and its academic impact. Students requesting a retroactive withdrawal for never attending a class must attach documentation from the professor verifying this. Visit the Committee on Undergraduate Records and Certification (CURC) web site for further information regarding documentation, particularly in relation to documented disabilities.

Students are encouraged to contact the ACCESS Center at 302-831-8843 to make an in-person or telephone appointment with Michelle Parnell to discuss the petition process. The student letter and complete documentation must be submitted at least ten days prior to the CURC meeting to be placed on the agenda.

Questions regarding CURC may be directed to Michelle Parnell at 302-831-8843 or