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Copyright Guidelines for Online Learning Courses

Copyright must always be considered when using multimedia in online courses. It is the faculty member’s responsibility to obtain written permission from the copyright holder before using videos in the distance learning classroom. The following tips can help you navigate the complexities of copyright in online courses:

Embedding and Linking Video

Embedding video from Vimeo, YouTube and other public sites is preferable to uploading and hosting videos on the Canvas LMS. Linked or embedded videos will maintain their attribution and source.

If original video has been developed for an online course and is hosted in the Canvas LMS, it should be attributed as such.


Photos and Images

Unless you are taking photos and creating images for your course yourself, search Creative Commons for content that you can use.


Audio and Music

If you plan on incorporating music in your online course, there may be legal streaming or downloading options.


Visit the University of Delaware Library’s Resources for Copyright page for additional information. Contact us if you need assistance to request copyright permission for your online course.