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Financially-based Decision Making

At the end of the day many business decisions come down to the numbers and the quality of the analysis. This half- to full-day seminar explores the development of pro forma financial statements to access the potential return from a new venture or project and to develop a deeper understanding of potential risk. The approach and models developed are appropriate for both senior and mid-level management.

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Effective Financial Decision Making

The strategic and operational business decisions made within a firm have a significant impact on the firm’s performance. A firm has a much better chance of maximizing that performance if it can effectively measure, monitor and evaluate the impact of key decisions on performance. Also key to success is the ability to model the possible impact of different courses of action on performance. This session will: Develop tools for evaluating past performance; develop a set of pro forma financial statements and examine how these statements can be used to evaluate multiple scenarios; present an overview of both discounted cash flow valuation techniques and relative valuation techniques; examine how variance analysis can be used as part of the budgeting process to evaluate key strengths and weaknesses.

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Business Budgeting and Finance

This two-day professional development seminar provides participants with the opportunity to gain familiarity with and an understanding of key budgeting and financial terminology, concepts and applications through lectures, group activities and practice exercises in Excel. Participants will learn to analyze and interpret common financial information used in making business decisions. Topics include: Developing pro-forma financial statements; understanding basic cost terminology; developing operational and financial budgets in Excel; understanding the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

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