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UD Online – Confirm Your Connectivity

  • Computer/browser check
    Review technical requirements for distance learning courses in Sakai to confirm that you have a compatible browser and software configuration. Students should use the Mozilla Firefox browser (instead of Internet Explorer) to ensure access to all UD Online information.

    1. You may need to download these software programs/tools used for UD Online distance learning. If you have questions regarding technical requirements for a specific course, please write to
      • Flash —Attempting to view a course without the latest version of Flash can cause an error resulting in a link to download Flash. To ensure Flash is working on your computer, click here. Click the Check Now button to see if Flash is installed. If necessary, download Flash here.
      • Java —Use the most recent version of Java to view UD Online course lectures.
      • QuickTime
    2. Additional software can be found at
  • Student course demonstration in Sakai (not yet available for Canvas)
    [The course demo should not be used by students to get accurate semester-specific information. The demonstration is used to troubleshoot accessibility issues.]
  • Get technical support—If you have difficulty viewing or accessing the demo materials for your course, it is possible you may be having technical problems. Contact UD Online by calling 302-831-1500 or 1-866-820-0238 (toll-free), or by writing to Most accessibility issues can be resolved over the phone or via email.