The Associate in Arts program replaces the former University Parallel Program and serves students in Southern Delaware who want to enroll in University of Delaware credit courses. Continuing Education students need not apply for admission to begin taking courses, but enrollment is on a space-available basis.

Courses in the associate degree programs are listed without registration numbers. Students must register in person for these courses. All courses are offered in the UD Academic Centers at the Dover and Georgetown locations of Delaware Technical and Community College.

Associate in Arts students pursue a University of Delaware Associate in Arts degree that is designed to lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Courses in the program are taught by University of Delaware faculty, with students receiving advisement and assistance from staff of the University. The A.A. degree requires the successful completion of 60 credit hours of approved academic work with a minimum grade point index of 2.0.

For a listing of Associate in Arts courses, and for current applicable tuition rates and registration information, please call one of these Associate in Arts locations:

  • Dover: 302-857-1214
  • Georgetown: 302-855-1657

Applying to the Associate in Arts Program

Admission applications are available online by using the Common Application on the UD Admissions website. For more information, visit the UD Associate in Arts program.