Procedure for Continuing Education Students to Submit Requests to CURC – the Committee on Undergraduate Records and Certification

The Committee on Undergraduate Records and Certification (CURC) is a University of Delaware committee of administrators and faculty representatives from the undergraduate colleges. CURC meets monthly (except during August) to review student requests for changes to their academic records due to documented extenuating circumstances, including serious illness, death of an immediate family member, disability, or other unanticipated issue.  Students do not present their requests to the committee but submit their written request and supporting documentation to Michelle Parnell, assistant director, student services, who will present the petition to CURC.

Further information regarding CURC:

Continuing Education students who wish to submit a petition to CURC should write a signed, dated and typed letter. Please include the following information:

  • Contact Information- name, student ID number, mailing address, email address and phone number.
  • Salutation- “Dear Committee on Undergraduate Records and Certification”
  • Requested Action- retroactive withdrawal, retroactive addition, change of grade status (standard grading, pass/fail, audit). Please include the semester/session(s) for which you are requesting this action.
  • Circumstances- Provide as much detail as needed to offer a timeline of events and an understanding of the extenuating circumstances and their impact on your academic performance. Typically, one page is sufficient.  

In addition to the student petition letter, thorough documentation of the extenuating circumstances must be provided.  Appropriate documentation should:

  • Come from a third party, such as a health care or mental health professional, legal professional or another official source.
  • Be on professional letterhead and include a current phone number so that the authenticity of the documentation may be verified.
  • Support the request by confirming the circumstances during the time period requested.
  • Be an original document which is sent to our office or faxed directly from the professional to our office at 302-831-2789.
  • For requests based on a disability, you must submit documentation of the disability to the Office of Disabilities Support Services (DSS) and request an assessment of the disability’s potential impact on your academic performance. DSS may ask you to provide additional information if the documentation is incomplete (guidelines for documentation of LD/ADHD are available at DSS will provide a report based upon its review of the materials made available, and this information will be provided to CURC when your request is presented.

Submit the petition letter and documentation to:
Michelle Parnell
Division of Professional & Continuing Studies ACCESS Center
501 South College Ave.
Newark, DE 19716
FAX: 302-831-2789/PHONE: 302-831-8843

For questions and/or to arrange an appointment to speak with Michelle Parnell regarding CURC, please call the ACCESS Center at 302-831-8843.

Student petition letters and supporting documentation must be received a week prior to the scheduled CURC meeting to be placed on the agenda.