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Sales operations: Drive the productivity and capacity of a company’s selling resources

Effective sales operations practices are central to maximizing a sales team’s performance. Offered in collaboration with GreenFig, the Sales Operations Science Certificate program is uniquely designed to give you the skills and hands-on learning experience to kick-start your career or take it to the next level in just 10 weeks. Delivered fully online, this comprehensive self-paced program is taught by industry experts and covers all the key areas required to be effective at driving the productivity and capacity of a company’s selling resources.

Along with creating a Strategic Sales Operations Playbook to help a real-world company engage with more prospects, produce more pipeline, improve key processes. make the most of its data and generate more revenue, you will earn a certificate of completion that verifies knowledge and experience relevant to the following roles: sales operations specialist, sales operations analyst, sales development representative, business development representative, business analyst specialist, CRM specialist, business operations specialist, and business operations analyst.

You will also walk away with a curated collection of Salesforce Trailhead badges, including Sales Performance Analysis, Sales Team Enablement, Territory Management, Formulas and Validations, Reports and Dashboards, and Data Management.

Weekly, you should expect to spend four to six hours engaging with on-demand content created by industry experts, including activities and assignments in the online learning portal. Additionally, weekly live-online, one-hour, optional but recommended group sessions are available for engaging in real time with with peers, experts and mentors. All group sessions are recorded and available for viewing at your convenience.

Program details

Sales Operations Science Certificate – Noncredit Certificate
SCHEDULE: November 1, 2021-January 21, 2022 – Optional group sessions: Tuesdays, 4-5 p.m. — REGISTER NOW
PRICE: $999, all materials included.

Who should participate in this program?

  • Individuals considering a career in a sales-related capacity who want to build new skill sets and gain in-demand Salesforce Trailhead badges
  • Sales, sales operations or business-focused professionals looking to upgrade their skill sets and long-term growth potential
  • Working professionals looking to expand their career opportunities by becoming more knowledgeable in sales-focused aspects of a business, such as finance, business operations, human resources or other related fields
  • Recent college graduates seeking a career in sales
  • Professionals looking for opportunities to reenter the workforce

While some material may be more advanced to those without any sales operations experience, the mentors will work with these students to help fill the knowledge gap and ensure they are gaining a full experience.

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Course outline

Salesforce Fundamentals
Learn the basics of how a sales organization operates as you set up and begin to operate your Salesforce
instance. Even if you have some sales or operations experience, you will be grounded in the core concepts needed to
be successful in this course and in your career.

  • Create and connect your Trailhead and Salesforce Developer accounts.

Reporting and Data Integrity
Dig in on Salesforce reporting and learn about the importance and management of data quality. Next, we will dive
into data governance, successful lead routing and lead scoring.

  • Outline lead assignment rules and build them into your Salesforce Developer Environment.

Sales Strategy and Metrics
You will go beyond the day-to-day tasks of a sales operations manager and see the big picture of how sales
operations supports a business. Grounded in sales strategy and efficient execution, you will gain a solid perspective
on the strategic role sales operations holds.

  • Hands-on exercises, including building dashboard and defining KPIs
  • Frameworks to think through compensation design and territory planning

Salesforce Automation and Business Case and Requirements
You will build and test real Salesforce Automation leveraging Formula Fields, Workflow Rules and Process Builder to
bring course concepts to life. This will allow you to gain comfort with these features and apply them in professional
roles beyond the course.

Career Planning
We will break down roles within the sales organization, where sales operations fits in and why, and discuss potential
paths for advancement in the discipline. Finally, we will review real sales operations job listings and prepare you with
one-on-one mock interviews.

Strategic Sales Operations Playbook
Throughout the program, you will be hands on with the material and putting your learning to practice on a real-world
company project. At the end of the course, you will have a completed Strategic Sales Operations Playbook that can
be shared with prospective employers or used as a reference guide. The playbook includes strategic concepts, such as:

  • Sales Ops Maturity Model
  • The Sales Process
  • Managing Objections
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Content and Resources
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Qualifying Inbound Leads
  • Operational Cadence Guide
  • Sales Enablement Model

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Learner outcomes

  • Manage key technologies leveraged by sales operations professionals, including customer relationship management automation (Salesforce Sales Cloud).
  • Apply sales performance management techniques, such as territories, quotas, inventory and pricing, to enhance an organization’s sales objectives.
  • Analyze an organization’s existing vs. ideal tech stack based on its products, industry, customers and sales team.
  • Collaborate with the sales, marketing, finance, executive leadership and other teams to increase efficiency.
  • Implement meaningful sales operation improvements to a real-world company.

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Technology requirements

  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • A webcam (built-in or USB plug-in)
  • Internet connection
  • Microsof® Excel (or similar) or Google Sheets

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What our students say

  • “Sales Operations Science brings clarity, knowledge and direction – whether you want to take your role within the company you are currently working at to the next level or pivot toward a complementary or totally new career. The course leaders were outstanding. They made sure the whole program ran at high standards and offered us the necessary tools to succeed.” – Alina Urs
  • “The Strategic Sales Operations Playbook was extremely valuable not only during the course but then afterward. … It’s just a really nice go-to as a refresher for me of items that I can apply to my current job.” – Michael Butera
  • “I now have an understanding of what it takes to be embedded in the Salesforce environment via certifications, the science of sales within an organization, maturity models of sales operations, and a preview of various tech stacks that innovative organizations use.” – Mark Lopez
  • “The most important aspect of taking the sales ops course is my ability to connect the dots in a way I was never able to before in my career.” – Dennis Lozano
  • “This course definitely filled my sales ops knowledge gaps and helped me connect all the dots. Each week I gained new skills that I could apply immediately to my job, and I became much more confident working in Salesforce.”  – Vince Leoni
  • “The best thing I developed during this course was Salesforce skills. … I went to knowing a little bit deeper than surface level to being comfortable in creating and customizing reports.” – Katelyn Gaherty

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