Students taking credit courses at UD are considered either matriculated or non-matriculated depending upon whether they’ve formally applied and been accepted into a degree program at the University of Delaware.

Matriculated Students

Matriculated students have completed the UD application process, have been formally accepted into the University of Delaware as undergraduate or graduate students, and are pursuing a degree program in one of UD’s seven colleges.

  • Part-time or full-time status—Matriculated students may enroll in classes on a part-time or full-time basis.
    • Full-time students are enrolled in 12 credits or more in a semester or session
    • Part-time students are enrolled in less than 12 credits in a semester or session
  • Financial aid eligibility—Whether part-time or full-time, matriculated students are eligible to apply for federal financial aid programs using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Non-matriculated (Continuing Education) Students

Non-matriculated or Continuing Education students are University of Delaware students who are not currently admitted into a degree program but are taking UD credit courses at the undergraduate or graduate level. They may register for courses that take place during the day, evening, or online as long as the courses are not restricted, and all prerequisites or corequisites have been satisfactorily met.

  • Maximum credit load—Non-matriculated students may typically take a maximum of 7 credits during a semester or session.
  • Financial assistance—Non-matriculated students are not eligible for federal financial aid (FAFSA). They may, however, utilize private alternative loans and apply for Continuing Education scholarships.
  • Advisement—Most non-matriculated students receive academic advisement and registration assistance through the ACCESS Student Services Center.
  • Academic record—Credit courses completed while a non-matriculated student are included in the student academic record and those courses taken at the college level may be used toward the completion of a degree upon admission/readmission to UD.
  • CEND status—Non-matriculated students at UD are also referred to as Continuing Education students, or CEND students (Continuing Education Non-Degree)