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Data analysts are in demand, and we have a couple of programs to train you for this growing field.

Our Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Certificate course teaches data analysis methods, and our Foundations of R for Data Analysis Certificate course teaches about a programming language that can be used to perform the methods.

For guidance on which program is best for you, email continuing-ed@udel.edu or call 302-831-7600.

Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Certificate

  • 15-week in-person course — September 12-December 14
  • Receive an introduction to the tools needed to analyze diverse kinds of data in order to make more informed business decisions.
  • Though there are no formal prerequisites, a prior college-level statistics course and/or working knowledge of statistics is required, and previous experience with computer-assisted data management is helpful. 
Speak with instructors, ask questions and learn about the programs you’re interested in.

July 26 – 7-8 p.m.


This program is great for:

  • Business, marketing and operations managers
  • Data analysts or professionals in any field who deal with large amounts of data
  • Healthcare industry professionals
  • Financial industry professionals
  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to use historical data to predict future outcomes

Foundations of R for Data Analysis Certificate

  • Eight-week in-person course — September 26-November 14
  • Learn the R programming language in order to perform data analysis in a work context.
  • Anyone is welcome to enroll in this foundational-level course, which does not require any prior programming experience.

This program is great for:

  • Excel users looking to switch to more programmatic ways of completing analyses
  • Current college students needing to utilize R for future coursework
  • Anyone considering a career change into data science or data analytics


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