Professional & Continuing Studies

University of Delaware’s Division of Professional and Continuing Studies (UD PCS) offers various types of education programs and courses. Whether you want to begin a degree, complete a degree, gain credentials, prepare for standardized tests, or participate in lifelong learning opportunities, UD PCS programs and courses are for you.

We offer credit courses, noncredit certificate programs, seminars, conferences and other short programs that provide you with practical knowledge and skills as well as resume-building credentials. Our faculty and adjunct instructors combine strong academic backgrounds with extensive real-world experience, and we offer flexible class schedules, locations, and delivery methods that meet diverse learners’ needs.

Our programs and courses address multiple disciplines, including:


We also conduct several professional development conferences per year. Annual conferences include:

Other Services offered through UD PCS

Through UD PCS, the University of Delaware extends its vast resources, research, technology and knowledge. Through UD PCS, you can:

Taking a UD Credit Course

You don’t have to become formally admitted to the University of Delaware in order to register for credit courses, including distance learning courses. Learn more…

Power Up Your Career—free online seminars

Career and personal strategies to help you navigate the current economy

Power Up Your Career buttonTOPICS INCLUDE:

  • Common Productivity Challenges and How to Solve Them
  • Virtual Meeting Etiquette: Best Practices and Protocols for Productivity
  • Improving Your Personal Information Security and Awareness
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity in the Workplace
  • Learn more or RSVP now!


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