More than 240 University of Delaware credit courses—as well as 26 degree programs, certificate programs and professional development programs—are offered online, with more being developed every year. Ranging from an online Associate in Arts to an online MBA or Master of Science in Cybersecurity, online programs from the University of Delaware are ideal solutions for students and professionals seeking to advance their education while accommodating their busy schedules.

About UD Online

At the University of Delaware, we offer a learning environment that is designed to help you expand your skills and further your career through discovery-based learning, applied research and dynamic skill building. This proven academic approach extends to all of our online degree programs and non-degree courses.

When you choose to study with UD, you gain access to our expert faculty and our leading-edge curriculum, all with the flexibility that comes with online learning. UD Online programs are ideal solutions for students and professionals who are seeking to advance their education and critical skills while accommodating their engaged lifestyles.

As a student in a fully online program, you are exempt from University of Delaware’s COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster mandates. If you plan to physically access any UD facilities while UD’s COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster mandates are in effect, you must fully comply with the mandates. For additional information about UD’s COVID-19 policies, see

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