Professional & Continuing Studies

Course Management and Development Resources for Distance Learning Courses

With faculty initiative and support, UD Online has grown to encompass 26 degree programs and over 9,000 registrations a year. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to make distance learning work effectively for you and your students.

Professional and Continuing Studies offers support for designing and developing online courses. For more information, please contact us.

UD Online’s primary mission is to extend University of Delaware credit courses and degree programs to meet the needs of distance learners. We offer more than 200 courses that support online degree and credit certificate programs, in addition to courses that meet the University of Delaware’s breadth requirements and contribute to the defined learning goals of academic departments.

Once faculty have an online course up and running, there are a number of important routine tasks for course upkeep. Below are administrative details for running your UD Online course each semester:

Students are required to complete direct learning assessments, such as exams and assignments, as well as the online course evaluation at the conclusion of the course.

Best Practices for Assessment Development
For guidance on how to develop effective assessments, visit the University of Delaware’s Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning. CTAL offers a variety of resources and services to support instructors in all aspects of their teaching.

The UD Online Testing Center
The UD Online Testing Center can support proctoring of computer-based and paper exams. Visit Exam Guidelines and Scheduling to learn more about how the testing center can support faculty. Please contact or 302-831-1500 if you are interested in a tour or would like to learn more about the UD Online Testing Center’s proctoring services.

Online Student Identity Verification
The are some simple ways to uphold academic integrity in online programs and courses:

Are you looking for ways to enhance your students’ online learning experience? There are many resources available to University of Delaware faculty and students.