For a full overview of the process of designing and launching an online program, view the UD Online Program Development Playbook.

Steps in the program development process include:

1. Concept development – Connect your idea with a concept development team. UD Graduate College and PCS will evaluate the market potential and ensure alignment with UD’s online program plans.
2. Obtain approvals and resources – Depending upon the program, approvals may be needed from the dean, Faculty Senate or state authorization. This is the point to identify the financial model and participating faculty.
3. Market the program – Use your market analysis to target your potential student audience. Create a program identity, marketing materials, student recruitment plan and advising plan. 
4. Develop the curriculum – A program support team will assist with instructional design, assessment planning, video and graphics production, open educational resources, accessibility, and student services.
5. Deliver the courses – Your program support team will continue to work with the program faculty throughout the delivery and implementation of the courses.
6. Follow a continuous improvement plan – Great online programs develop over several years. Based on student feedback and faculty experiences, your program support team will prioritize changes to build the continued growth of the program.

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