Professional & Continuing Studies

The development of a single online course typically takes six months to a year. Below are some factors that influence development timelines:

  • Whether or not the course already exists in a face-to-face or blended format.
  • Faculty’s familiarity with the learning management system and prior experience developing online courses.
  • Faculty course load and availability to develop the course.
  • Availability of teaching assistants to support implementation and quality assurance.

For your convenience, we have created a schedule for online course development. You may export this template schedule and make edits by clicking on the top left down arrow icon and selecting “Export.”

Additionally, you may subscribe to this timeline as a calendar that can be added to you personal calendar with the follow iCal address: webcal:// Google, Outlook and Mac all have instructions for subscribing to an iCal calendar.

The schedule is subject to change according to the academic calendar.

Contact us for more information or a consultation.

After online course development, follow the online course management timeline for regular upkeep.