“Big data and analytics are the future. In a world with tons of information and data, it’s important to be able to make sense of the data and be able to make decisions with it. Data on its own is useless without analytics behind it.”

“The University of Delaware’s Analytics: Optimizing Big Data Certificate program ended up being more fun, challenging, and inspiring than I ever anticipated, and was designed with just the right amount of technical detail. You didn’t need to be a statistician to understand the material, but still learned key statistical concepts that were vital to the world of analytics.”

“The program without a doubt changed my life and led me to a great career path with a great company.”

“My recent job interviews had one thing in common: the companies in question did not yet have a full analytics department but were preparing to invest in the subject, which provides great opportunity for a unique skill set that organizations are seeking.”

“In the job interview for my current role, interviewers asked how my new knowledge could be applicable in their organization’s context, and I was able to give them an honest answer with suggestions. In my new role, I am now working towards making those suggestions a reality.”

Tracy Ganjoin completed the Analytics: Optimizing Big Data Certificate and was recently hired as a new business analyst by W.L. Gore & Associates.