“For me, a highlight of UD’s Paralegal Certificate program was the diversity of legal areas covered, such as torts, civil rights, criminal law and research. For someone new to the legal field, being exposed to a range of legal specialties helped me to determine which legal fields interested me the most. Also, I made several friends during the program, one in particular who helped facilitate my first law firm employment.”

“Initially working with criminal defense attorneys at my law firm, I began transcribing police interrogations, witness statements and 911 calls, which I found fascinating. As more attorneys learned of my transcription services, I’ve since started my own legal transcription business, and now employ other transcriptionists.”

“In addition to running my legal transcription business, I am able to dedicate one day a week to pro-bono work with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Wilmington. This work is enhancing my knowledge of civil rights law and gives me great satisfaction being involved with such a wonderful group of attorneys in a very demanding and noble practice area.”

“The legal field for me is extremely fascinating from a psychological and philosophical point of view.  Every case is very different and the work is rarely boring. There are always verdicts that renew my faith that justice does prevail, and underscore the importance of the services that defense attorneys provide.”

Sandra Kece completed the University of Delaware’s Paralegal Certificate in 2003.