“I had a wake-up moment after being with the same company for 14 years, and during my search for a new opportunity, I noticed that every industry mentions big data or data analysis to enhance or grow their business. I thought that UD’s Optimizing Big Data certificate would be a great resume builder, and it rounds out my skillset.”

“The program provided me with fundamental knowledge about gathering and organizing data, determining the best analysis method to use, and analyzing the results, which are useful in my work. In my current role, I’m encouraged to look at large amounts of data to identify our business requirements in building new functionality, and this was just the beginning.”

“The instructors in this program are experts in their fields, so they can speak from experience. And it’s not just all textbook knowledge. Also, they are very supportive of giving additional help when needed. I thought I was the only one who met with the professors outside of class, but I found out that a few, if not all, of us had time with them outside of class.”

“For me personally, data science is a good skill to have, whether it’s to understand a problem, enhance customer experience, to maximize production, or all of the above.”

Kym McGlashan is a global product manager with Citi Institutional Clients Group. She completed UD’s Analytics: Optimizing Big Data Certificate last spring.