University of Delaware

Professional & Continuing Studies

Part-time Nonresident Undergraduate Tuition

Tuition Rates for Online Undergraduate Courses for Nonresidents

If you are a nonresident of Delaware and wish to enroll in undergraduate online courses, the alternative online part-time undergraduate nonresident tuition rate will apply if you meet the following criteria:

Fall and Spring Semesters

During fall and spring, matriculated campus-based students may enroll in online courses, following these permission guidelines for enrolling in online courses; standard Delaware resident and nonresident tuition applies.

Winter and Summer Sessions

In summer and winter only, if you are an out-of-state, full time, matriculated student, the alternative online part-time undergraduate nonresident tuition rate may apply.

  • The section number of the courses is what determines the applicable tuition. You must be enrolled in the odd-numbered sections which are restricted and subject to availability. (The even-numbered sections are for Delaware residents and students in both online and campus-based classes concurrently. They are not restricted unless other permissions apply, and standard Delaware resident and nonresident tuition applies.)
  • The only online classes that are eligible for the alternative tuition are courses scheduled by Professional and Continuing Studies in the following sections: -151, -153, -155, -157, -159, -191, -193, -195.
  • You will register for the online courses with odd number sections by submitting an online registration form during your registration appointment time. If the courses are full, you will not be enrolled, and will be notified.
  • If you register yourself in the even-numbered sections in summer and winter despite eligibility for the alternative tuition, please write to to be transferred to the appropriate odd-numbered out-of-state section.
  • For students registered in online classes and eligible for the alternative tuition rate, all UD Online exams (if required by the course) must be completed via ProctorU, a secure, live, online proctoring service that allows exam takers to complete their assessment at home. There is a per-exam proctoring fee. For details, write to

Questions? Write to or for exam questions,