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Professional & Continuing Studies

Part-time nonresident undergraduate tuition

The following UD undergraduate students may qualify for the advantageous UD Online part-time undergraduate nonresident tuition rate:

  • Nonresident part-time students, during any semester
  • Nonresident full-time students, during winter or summer sessions only

The following criteria must be met. Students must be:

  • Part-time students (enrolled in fewer than 12 credits in a semester or session)
  • Enrolled in undergraduate courses
  • Either matriculated or non-matriculated students
  • Registered for the majority of their credits in online courses at UD in a given semester or session
  • Registered in the -153, -155, -191, -193 or -195 sections of a UD Online course

Matriculated UD on-campus students may enroll in online courses during the fall or spring semesters at the published tuition rates for Delaware resident or nonresident students, subject to the following criteria:

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