“I especially enjoyed the class’s team approach.”

“An interest in learning how social media could help small businesses grow led me to pursue UD’s Social Media Marketing Strategy Certificate. What I learned is how important a sound social media strategy is for any organization.”

“Social media has become a powerful and useful tool that can help get your message out to a greater community. This program helps you identify your audience, learn when and how to communicate with them, and most importantly, how to keep them engaged.”

“The instructors’ knowledge and expertise are what makes this program a success, with the material taught in ways that apply to real life situations. A capstone project allowed us to apply our new knowledge by working with a local nonprofit interested in expanding their social media efforts. I especially enjoyed the class’s team approach as we conducted needs assessments, developed strategies and presented our proposals to the organization’s leaders.”

Kelly McKenney Houston is a web technology manager for Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, Del. She recently completed the University of Delaware’s Social Media Marketing Strategy Certificate.

UD’s Social Media Marketing program has recently been revamped by creating two new classes: Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing and Advanced Social Media Marketing for Business.