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CEND student status

creditI am a Continuing Education (CEND) student. What do I need to know?

  • Advisement—Continuing Education students receive academic advisement and registration assistance through the ACCESS Student Services Center.
  • Non-degree status—Continuing Education students are University of Delaware students who are not currently admitted into a degree program but are taking University courses. Continuing Education students may take courses during the day, evening, or online as long as the courses are not restricted and prerequisites/corequisites have been satisfactorily met.  Courses taken through Professional and Continuing Studies are included in the student academic record and may be used toward the completion of a degree upon admission/readmission.
  • Maximum credit load—Continuing Education students may typically take a maximum of 7 credits during a semester or session.
  • Financial assistance—Continuing Education students are not eligible to use federal financial aid (FAFSA).  They may, however, utilize private alternative loans and apply for Continuing Education scholarships.  Please consult Financial Assistance for Continuing Education students.
  • Click here for more details about Continuing Education student status.


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