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Course difficulties

difficultyHelp! I am having difficulty with my course. What can I do?

There is help available to you, so don’t get discouraged. Remember that if you don’t let others know you are having difficulty, they cannot help you. Some options at the University of Delaware:

  • Meet with the professor and/or teaching assistant to discuss your performance in the course.
  • Consult the Office of Academic Enrichment (AE) website to find out about tutoring. Options available include:
    • Individual tutoring
    • Group tutoring (available for some specific courses)
    • Drop-in tutoring (available for math, chemistry, and physics)
  • Consult the Academic Success at UD website for additional information on tutoring and other academic resources.
  • Contact your academic advisor to discuss the situation and options. Your advisor can help you assess whether you want to continue with the course, change your grading status, get additional support.
  • Use Academic Enrichment’s skills resources (in-person workshops and online modules) to get valuable techniques for addressing study skills and time management issues.

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