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Taking an online course

onlineI am thinking about taking an online course. What do I need to know?

  • Time commitment—The overall time and work required to successfully complete an online course is comparable to that involved in completing a campus course.
  • Course schedule—Online courses are not self-paced. Online courses follow the same academic calendar as campus courses.  While there is typically flexibility in viewing materials online each week, you will need to follow the schedule determined by the professor on his/her syllabus. Assignments and examinations will have completion deadlines.
  • Time management skills—To be successful, you will need to be self-disciplined and well organized, managing your time so that you may stay on track with course requirements. It is strongly recommended that you designate specific time periods each week to view course lectures and complete course requirements, so that you may stay up-to-date with your course.
  • Advisement—If you wish to take an online course, you should discuss this with your advisor. You will need her permission, if you wish to take an online course during the fall or the spring semester.

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