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Meeting with your advisor

prepareI have an appointment with my advisor. How should I prepare?

  1. PREPARE—a list of questions/concerns that you would like to discuss with your advisor.  Know what you would like to accomplish during the meeting. This is your time to address anything you need to with your advisor.
  2. REVIEW—your academic plan/progress.  Make yourself familiar with the requirements for your degree and what you have completed and still need.  If you are meeting to discuss registration for an upcoming semester/session, review the course offerings and have a list of potential courses.  Be mindful of prerequisites and corequisites for courses.
  3. EVALUATE—how things are going academically so you and your advisor can discuss your academic plan.  Honestly assess what is working and areas where you may need additional supports.  If you are in doubt regarding the major you are currently pursuing, begin considering other alternatives and let your advisor know so she can assist you with this process.
  4. PLAN—to arrive a few minutes early for your appointment so that you will get the most from the meeting and not be rushed.

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