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Withdrawing from a course

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 withdrawShould I consider withdrawing from a course?

Students are able to withdraw themselves from courses through the Academic Penalty Deadline for the semester/session.

Before you make a decision about your course:

  1. Assess your performance
  2. Seek advisement
    • Talk to your advisor about your options.  Your advisor is here to help you to problem-solve and come up with the best solution for YOU.  The advisor cannot help you, if you do not let her know what you are experiencing.
    • Consider alternatives to withdrawing including changing grade status to Pass/Fail or Listener/Audit.  Discuss these options with your advisor to determine what is best for you.
  3. Review UD’s academic deadlines
    • After the Free Drop/Add Period, students will receive a grade of W for any course that is withdrawn and they will be responsible for tuition and fees for the course. Additionally, they will be charged a $25 change of registration fee.
    • After the Academic Penalty Deadline, students need documented, extenuating circumstances to withdraw from a course or to change the grading for the course.
    • When in doubt regarding dropping/withdrawing and the procedures, contact your advisor.

Take action:

  • If you decide to remain in the course
    • Implement the steps you discussed with your professor and advisor to be successful.
    • Stay in touch with your professor and advisor through the rest of the semester for support, assistance, and guidance.
  • If you decide to withdraw from the course
    • Do so in a timely manner and be aware of the deadlines. Avoiding dealing with the issue will not make it go away.
    • If you need assistance with withdrawing from the course, contact your advisor or the Professional & Continuing Studies Student Services ACCESS Office (302-831-8843) immediately.

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