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Analytics: Optimizing Big Data Certificate

Using data-supported solutions for improving business performance

  • 14-week course in Wilmington starts Feb. 17 (LESS THAN 5 SEATS REMAINING)
  • Geared toward professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including anyone who deals with large amounts of data
  • $2,895 – discounts, payment plan available
Analytics: Optimizing Big Data Certificate inspires student to pursue master’s

In today’s business world, data is easier than ever to collect and store. While the management of this big data is increasingly important to the decision-makers in the organization, big data is ever more difficult to analyze.

Analytics professionals or data scientists are invaluable to an organization’s success. They have the unique combination of computational, analytical and communication skills necessary to discover data-supported solutions to important business questions from an ever-increasing wealth of data.

This program introduces students to the tools needed to analyze large datasets in order to make more informed business decisions. Students learn to gather and organize data for more effective analysis and how to communicate their analyses in a clear and concise manner. Topics include the following:

  • Importing data into an analytics software package
  • Performing exploratory graphical and data analysis
  • Building analytics models using tools such as multiple regression and decision trees
  • Finding the best model to explain correlation among variables
  • Learning how to control and assess data variability to better meet customer requirements


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