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Drop/Add or Withdrawal Procedures

Prior to the academic penalty period, students can drop/add or withdraw from a credit course using UDSIS, the University’s online student information system. If you are unable to drop/add or withdraw via UDSIS, call 302-831-8843 for assistance.

Timeline for registration changes—Please refer to the UD academic calendar for registration dates and deadlines in the current semester
Free drop/add period Students may change or cancel registration in UD SIS. Tuition and fees are fully refundable. During the fall and spring semesters, this is approximately two weeks after the start of classes. Click here to view the current semester’s deadlines for drop/add and tuition refunds.
Change of registration period Students may make changes to registration, but tuition and fees are nonrefundable, and a processing fee is charged. Adding a course during this period requires written permission from the instructor, and the student’s dean (for matriculated students) or an ACCESS counselor (for Continuing Education students).
Academic penalty period Students must see their assistant dean (if matriculated) or ACCESS counselor (Continuing Education students) for permission to withdraw from any credit course. Students are permitted to withdraw only for unusual circumstances beyond the student’s control, and not for reasons of academic performance.
After the last day of classes Any changes to the academic record must be approved by the Committee on Undergraduate Records and Certification (C.U.R.C.). Matriculated students should consult their assistant dean. Continuing Education students, click here to follow the procedure for Continuing Education students.