Professional & Continuing Studies

If you have been academically dismissed from the University and wish to take UD courses as a Continuing Education, non-admitted student, the ACCESS Center is here to help. We offer advisement, registration assistance and career/major counseling to students who wish to take classes toward readmission.

  • Dismissed students are permitted to take a maximum of seven credits per semester/session as Continuing Education, non-degree students.
  • Once students increase their cumulative GPAs to at least 2.00, thereby eliminating their deficits, they may apply for readmission to non-restricted majors at the University. Readmission into restricted majors may require a higher GPA and/or specific course requirements.
  • Dismissed students who are interested in taking courses through Professional and Continuing Studies toward readmission are required to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor.
  • Advisors are available to assist students in determining their educational goals and establishing a plan for academic success.

Helpful Resources

Contact the ACCESS Center

Contact us for an appointment. Day and evening in-person and phone appointments are available.

UD Professional & Continuing Studies ACCESS Center
501 South College Ave., Newark, DE 19716
Phone: 302-831-8843
Fax: 302-831-2789