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Taking college courses while still in high school

Qualified high school students have the opportunity to take college courses as a Continuing Education (CEND) student. There are numerous reasons why a high school student may want to take college-level coursework. Common reasons include:

  • The student is seeking an educational challenge
  • The student wants to increase his/her knowledge in a special area of interest
  • The student wants to get a head start on college requirements
  • The student wants to improve chances for college admission (keeping in mind that grades lower than “C” may reduce chances for future matriculation until they are balanced by higher grades—A's and B's—earned in additional college courses)

Each semester, high school students who want to take UD courses must make an appointment with an ACCESS advisor by calling 302-831-7600. (Evening hours and phone appointments are available. Click here for location and hours.)

During this meeting, the advisor will answer any questions and provide forms to be completed by the student, parent, and high school guidance counselor. Please bring a current report card along to the meeting. If you do not live within convenient driving distance, an initial phone appointment can be made; however an in-person appointment is preferred.

Students may not receive duplicate credit on their UD transcript for both a UD course and Advanced Placement credits earned for that course (or a comparable course).

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