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High School Dual Enrollment

Earn College Credits While Still in High School

Qualified Delaware high school students can concurrently earn University of Delaware and high school credits through partnerships between UD Online and partnering high school programs.

  • Earn college credits and high school credits at the same time
  • Gain experience taking college-level online courses
  • Take courses not available at your high school
  • Enhance your college applications

Students can enroll in one or more of the designated online courses (see below) offered by the University of Delaware and taught by University faculty. Students register through their Delaware public high school. All University of Delaware policies and procedures apply.

Requirements for Participation

  • Access to a PC or Mac with high-speed internet capability and operating system Windows 2000 or later, or a Mac OS 10.3 or later, and ability to download software.
  • Exams and, in some cases, computer access must be proctored at the high school for students in courses where proctored exams are used for assessment.
  • All University rules, regulations, and academic standards apply.
  • To enroll, students need the recommendation of a school district official who will coordinate registration with the University.

Disability Accommodations

A current IEP or section 504 plan does not necessarily guarantee eligibility for disability accommodations at the college level. High school students must meet the University of Delaware’s requirements for documentation of a disability.

Click here for more information about disability accommodations at the University of Delaware.

For more information, please call 302-831-8843.


Enrollment in the UD Dual Enrollment Program is available through a special negotiated rate with Delaware school districts. The cost for each UD Dual Enrollment course, per student, is

  • Fall 2017-Spring 2018—$640 per course

Questions about the UD Dual Enrollment Program?

Contact your high school guidance counselor or the University of Delaware ACCESS advisement center at or 302-831-8843.

Spring 2018 Courses Available through Dual Enrollment

Following is the list of University of Delaware online courses that have been designated for the High School Dual Enrollment program. Course availability is subject to change each semester.

  • ANTH 101: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
    Major ideas and areas of study in social and cultural anthropology. Use of ethnographic data and film to illustrate the anthropologist’s view of societies in their sociocultural and ecological dimensions.
  • BISC 105: Human Heredity and Development (3 credits)
    Heredity and human affairs; pedigree analysis; physical and chemical basis of heredity; heredity and environment; radiation and mutation; heredity and diseases; and birth defects. Open to non-majors only.
  • HDFS 202: Diversity and Families (3 credits)
    Examination of diverse families in the United States with a focus on issues of race, ethnicity, social class, and gender. Emphasis is on the accelerating effects of globalization and social change.

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