Professional & Continuing Studies

42nd Annual Delaware Governor’s School for Excellence

Resources for High School Principals

Principals, counselors and teachers have the important role of nominating students from their schools to participate in Governor’s School for Excellence. Schools are asked to nominate the most qualified students, keeping the following in mind:

  • Please announce the program to all eligible 10th-grade students.
  • Nomination does not necessarily result in selection. Students nominated for the Visual and Performing Arts program must audition.
  • Please follow the procedures contained in the Principals’ Instruction Packet below.
  • Please pay close attention to submission deadlines.


To submit your students’ images for consideration:

  • Create a Google folder with the student’s last name and school.
  • Load the Art Application, five images and the art inventory into the folder.
  • Share the folder with and cc The art instructor will view all images in that drive.