UD Montessori Academy

UD Montessori Academy

UD Montessori Academy

Partnering with schools and teachers for child-centered, creative learning

Montessori education focuses on students’ unique development and abilities with a commitment to equity and an emphasis on the whole child. The University of Delaware’s Montessori Academy offers comprehensive Montessori teacher training programs, customized professional education, and support services for schools and districts wishing to implement Montessori programs.

UD Montessori Teacher  Residency (UDMTR)

UDMTR is a comprehensive two-year school-based teacher residency that combines seminars, coaching, site visits. UDMTR partners teachers who want to become Montessori certified, as well as with Montessori schools who wish to recruit and train new teachers. Next cohort begins July 2024.

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School support services

The UD Montessori Academy can help support all facets of launching and leading a Montessori program including:

  • planning
  • grant writing
  • program development
  • coaching and coach development
  • school leader support and development

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Customized school-based training

Teacher professional development can be tailored to a school’s or program’s goals and needs, such as providing focused training in reading or math skills methods.

Are you ready to join our July 2024 teacher training cohorts —

Primary (age 3-6/preschool to kindergarten)

Elementary I/II (age 6-12/grades 1-6)

Learn more about becoming a Montessori teacher, or developing teachers for your school, program or early learning center. 

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