UD Montessori Teacher Residency

Future Montessori Teachers

Have you considered teaching in a Montessori School?

Montessori schools are expanding across the United States and the world community. Currently there are more than 2,500 Montessori schools in the U.S. alone. The growth in schools means a growing demand for Montessori teachers.

UD’s new Montessori Teacher Residency (UDMTR) is a MACTE-accredited (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) program designed to prepare Montessori teachers through a combination of hands-on teaching, school-based coaching and professional seminars.

UDMTR participants must concurrently be teaching in a Montessori school in order to enroll in the program; these teacher-participants are called ‘residents.’ Many Montessori schools will hire teachers who do not yet have their Montessori certification but are willing to commit to pursuing the certification once they are hired. Schools often pay for training or offer a significant stipend to assist with the cost.

The UDMTR program can assist prospective Montessori teachers with school placements.

Current students and teachers

UD students, as well as education majors and graduates of other colleges, are uniquely positioned for positions in public Montessori schools, and a growing number of states recognize certification from a MACTE-accredited program as a part of their state teaching certifications.

Many states require that teachers have state certification for their age level, plus Montessori certification to teach in Montessori schools.

The UD program is also relevant for current teachers who are not Montessori certified, but who wish to pursue Montessori training.

Requirements to participate

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Commitment of employment from a partnering school
  • For details about participating in UDMTR, or how to connect with a participating Montessori school, please contact UDMTR director Linda Zankowsky via the webform below.

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For more information about this program or to join the mailing list, please contact UDMTR director Linda Zankowsky via the following webform: