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Power Up Your Career
Online seminar series
Mondays, 6-7:30 p.m.

Special career- and personal branding-focused seminars are available to students enrolled in Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) noncredit programs, as well as veterans and active military members, at no additional charge. Seminars are also available to those not enrolled in PCS programs for a $50 fee, which includes all sessions. The following seminars are offered online, via Zoom, 6-7:30 p.m. every other Monday. Registration closes at noon on the day of each seminar.

New sessions coming in 2019!

Free to students enrolled in 2019 PCS noncredit programs, as well as veterans and active military members (free registration/RSVP required). All others may enroll for a $50 fee, which includes all sessions.

  • Mindset Management
  • Surviving and Thriving in the New Skills Economy
  • How to Find the Right Job Fit for Me
  • How to Negotiate the Right Salary for the Job
  • Five Ways to Open Your World to New Possibilities
  • Laid Off: Now What?
  • Inspiration, Motivation and Relationship Building
  • Communicating Through Conflict
  • Age 50+ in the Workplace
  • Your Boss is not Your Parent: How to Be Viewed as the “Best Boss” or “Best Employee”
  • Details coming soon!

Great sessions remaining in 2018

These seminars are free to students enrolled in 2018 PCS noncredit programs, as well as veterans and active military members (free registration/RSVP required). All others may enroll for a $50 fee, which includes all sessions.

November 5, 2018
Matching Your Personality to the Job: Are You on the Right Career Path?
Presenter – Gay Lynch

We are all wired to seek purposeful work and experiences that resonate with who we are and our unique interests and passions. People are also more likely to achieve success and see advancement if they are engaged in and enjoy the work they do. Making a successful match between your personality and you job or career starts from within. Being in tune with your personality, passions and innate preferences is helpful in validating career decisions, building personal awareness of your strengths and motivators to increase your future success, understanding why you aren’t satisfied in your current role, or exploring career alternatives. Getting, and staying, on the right path will mean all the difference in your long-term happiness.

November 19, 2018
How to Get Back Into the Workforce After a Long Absence
Presenter – Brenda Soto

Finding a job after a long absence in the workforce is not easy. The reasons why an individual may leave the workforce indefinitely are multi-faceted. In this session, you will learn several tips to help get back on track into the job market and ready for new opportunities.

December 3, 2018
Understanding Generations and How to Interact with Them Effectively in the Workplace
Presenter – Brenda Soto

The largest diversity of generations is represented in today’s workplace. For the first time in history, five generations are working side by side. With this diversity comes new challenges. It is more important than ever to understand how to communicate, lead and work with employees of all ages. This seminar explores and analyzes the challenges we are facing because of an increasingly wide age range in the workplace and the opportunities to leverage these obstacles to interact effectively enhancing both team and organizational success.

December 17, 2018
Am I Promotable or Is There Something I’m Missing?
Presenter – Gay Lynch

Do you think you’re ready for the next level but were passed over for a promotion? Have you been offered a higher-level position and wonder if you’re ready for it? Do you aspire to higher levels of responsibility but aren’t sure how to get there? According to a recent Monster survey, 61 percent of workers feel they have been passed over for promotions they felt qualified for. It happens all the time, yet we often don’t understand why, even if we’ve asked for feedback. In this workshop, you will learn what managers say are the seven signs that someone is ready for a promotion, how to determine your own level of readiness, what you can do to be recognized as “promotable,” and what to do if you are passed over for a promotion.


Andrea Abernethy is an experienced senior career consultant with CareerMinds whose expertise includes coaching, mentoring, empowering, building confidence and inspiring clients to discover their strengths. She focuses on strong communication skills, public speaking/teaching, relationship building, resume review and writing, interviewing techniques and preparation, networking, LinkedIn and career marketing.

Gay Lynch is CEO of Thought Partners, Inc., a consulting firm whose mission is to assist clients in forward thinking, developing skills and perspective, and achieving their goals. She teaches and coaches others in developing personal success strategies, diagnosing strengths and blind spots, and formulating “you at your best” personal branding.

Brenda Soto is a dynamic international human resources professional and the founder of Brenda Soto Associates, LLC, a human performance improvement consulting firm specializing in Spanish and English talent management solutions. She is also an adjunct instructor in human resources, leadership and organizational development at Wilmington University.


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