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Power Up Your Career Seminar Series

ONLINE — Free and open to the public (RSVP required)

FALL 2020
Saturdays, 10-11:30 a.m.

Saturdays, 10-11:30 a.m.

  • Common Productivity Challenges and How to Solve Them (February 13)
  • Virtual Meeting Etiquette: Best Practices and Protocols for Productivity (March 13)
  • Improving Your Personal Information Security and Awareness (April 10)
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity in the Workplace (May 8)
  • FREE! Session descriptions and registration details coming soon.

September 12, 10-11:30 a.m.—ONLINE

Why Writing Email Is a Skill and Why Learning It Matters
Presenter: Gay Lynch

Isn’t writing email something everyone knows how to do? After all, in today’s world, most of us know how to read and write. But just because a person can write doesn’t mean they can write a good email. Think of all the poorly written emails you’ve received in your life. Some have grammatical or spelling errors. Some don’t seem to make a point. Some are downright offensive. Being able to communicate effectively is a critical life skill, and as your career progresses, the importance of communication skills increases. Since email is how we spend much of our time communicating, it’s our greatest opportunity to demonstrate our ability to represent ourselves in a clear, compelling and professional manner. Writing effective emails is a skill, and it’s one you can learn.

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October 10, 10-11:30 a.m.—ONLINE

Resiliency in Personal and Professional Setbacks
Presenter: Andrea Abernethy

Bouncing back from a difficult experience is something we all need to do at some point in our lives. In this webinar you will learn techniques and tips to help cope and adapt in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy or significant sources of stress.

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November 14, 10-11:30 a.m.—ONLINE

How to Speak Up in Meetings and When to Hold Back
Presenter: Gay Lynch

Speaking up is hard to do. Maybe you’ve observed something ethically questionable, or disagreed with an opinion that all too quickly becomes consensus. Or it may be that you want to contribute a different idea to the decision-making process, or you’ve observed someone being excluded. While we’d all like to think that if we saw something, we’d say something in these situations, it can be incredibly difficult to speak up in the moment. In fact, research suggests that most people tend to not act, and then rationalize their inaction. But are you really doing your job — as a diligent employee, compassionate colleague, or thoughtful leader — if you don’t lend your voice to the conversation? In many organizations, leadership readiness is measured in part by our willingness to speak up in meetings. Join this webinar to learn three keys to speaking up with respect and impact.

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December 12, 10-11:30 a.m.—ONLINE

Building Relationships through Storytelling
Presenter: Andrea Abernethy

Cultivating strong relationships is important in growing your network for career transition, building your brand awareness, for educators, for sales and marketing professionals and personal and professional development. In fact, human connections have been built through storytelling throughout history, and stories are key to building real human connections. During this webinar, we will discuss and explore storytelling techniques to help enhance human connections.

Fall 2020 – REGISTER NOW!

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Andrea Abernethy is an experienced senior career consultant with CareerMinds whose expertise includes coaching, mentoring, empowering, building confidence and inspiring clients to discover their strengths. She focuses on strong communication skills, public speaking/teaching, relationship building, resume review and writing, interviewing techniques and preparation, networking, LinkedIn and career marketing.

Gay Lynch is CEO of Thought Partners, Inc., a consulting firm whose mission is to assist clients in forward thinking, developing skills and perspective, and achieving their goals. She teaches and coaches others in developing personal success strategies, diagnosing strengths and blind spots, and formulating “you at your best” personal branding.

Suprawee Tepsuporn joined the University of Delaware’s Graduate College as assistant dean for graduate professional development in 2019 with a mission is to create data- and outcome-driven, integrated, and holistic graduate professional development resources and initiatives that empower graduate students and postdoctoral trainees to translate their education into meaningful careers. Before transitioning to advocating for and supporting graduate students, Tepsuporn spent many years in biomedical sciences research. She completed her postdoctoral training in oncology at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, and earned her doctorate in immunology from Harvard University and B.A. from Mount Holyoke College.

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