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Mobile device compatibility: Sakai

The instructions on this page pertain to online courses hosted in Sakai, UD’s primary learning management system (LMS). The following technology requirements apply:

  • REQUIRED: laptop or desktop computer
    • Required: a PC or Mac, laptop or desktop computer must be used to complete course activities like tests, quizzes, homework, or chats
    • Required: high-speed Internet access
    • Required: Mozilla Firefox browser, version 10 or newer
    • Required: if not already installed on your computer, you may need to install these free plugins: Flash | Adobe Reader
  • OPTIONAL: mobile device
    • Optional: most course video content can be viewed on a mobile device like a tablet, iPad or smart phone
    • Mobile devices cannot be used to complete required course components like homework, tests, quizzes, chats

Device compatibility hints

Your online course modules can be viewed on most mobile devices

  • Viewing activities only—These mobile device recommendations are for accessing the video or course presentation modules only.
  • Quizzes/homework not supported—Completing other course activities on your mobile device is not supported (online quizzes/tests, homework or chats, etc.)
  • Supported devicesCourse videos/presentations are accessible on most mobile devices, including most tablets, iPads and smart phones.
    • Some lagging may occur when viewing the course on a mobile device compared with a desktop or laptop browser.
    • Not supportedKindle Fire tablets

Alternate browser for issues with Flash video content

If you experience issues playing the course videos or modules on your mobile device, the recommended alternate browser is Photon, available through the app store on your device (iTunes or Google Play).

  • Optimal browser settings in Photon may vary by device; however, recommended initial settings include:
    • Bandwidth: 1
    • Mode: video
  • To play an online module or lecture, first press the link or icon for the module itself; then you may need to press Photon’s lightening bolt icon to enable Flash mode.
  • Photon should be used to access the video or course presentation modules only.

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