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Grades for credit courses

All grades are recorded in SIS

Students use the University’s online student information system UDSIS for access to their final grades at the end of the semester. For students who need to submit grades to their employers or other organizations, an unofficial transcript may be printed through UDSIS.

Grades earned in UD Online/distance learning classes

There is no distinction on transcripts or grades between campus-based and UD Online (distance learning) courses.

Auditing a credit course (‘listener’ status)

If you wish to attend class but do not wish to receive academic degree credit or complete the required work, you may register to audit a class. (This is also called registering as a ‘listener.’) Tuition, registration procedure, and forms are the same as for credit courses. No grade will be recorded for audit students.

Changes to a student’s academic record

Any changes to the academic record must be approved by the Committee on Undergraduate Records and Certification (C.U.R.C.). Matriculated students should consult their assistant dean. Continuing Education students, click here to follow the procedure for Continuing Education students.

Pass/fail grading option

Continuing Education students may enroll in an undergraduate credit course on a pass/fail basis. Students interested in this option should consult an ACCESS counselor at 302-831-7600 or access-advise@udel.edu regarding the guidelines for the use of this option.

Seat claim policy and “Z” grades

Unless excused by the instructor, students holding a confirmed assigned seat in a class will have relinquished their seat if they have not personally appeared in class to claim the seat by the third meeting for a class scheduled to meet three times a week, by the second meeting for a class scheduled twice a week, by the third meeting of a class scheduled to meet five times a week, or by the second meeting for a class scheduled once a week.

If the student does not claim the seat within the time limit specified above and does not drop the course, the instructor has the option of assigning the student a grade of “Z” at the end of the term.

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